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A list of plants 2' or less in height that attract native pollinators.

Common NameScientific NameDescriptor
YarrowAchillea millefolium Colorado native, perennial
Sweet AlyssumLobularia maritimaIntroduced - non-native adapted, annual
MasterwortAstrania majorIntroduced - non-native adapted, perennial-shade
Spike SpeedwellVeronica spicataIntroduced - non-native adapted, perennial
FennelFoeniculum vulgareIntroduced - non-native adapted, annual herb
Edging LobeliaLocelia erinusIntroduced - non-native adapted, annual
CorianderCoriandrum sativumIntroduced - non-native adapted, annual herb
European GoldenrodSolidago vergaureaIntroduced - non-native, adapted, perennial
Butter and EggsLinaria vulgarisColorado native, perennial
DillAnethum geraveolensIntroduced - non-native, adapted, annual herb
SedumSedum spp.Sedum acre-escaped garden plant, perennial adapted in Boulder
Basket-of-GoldAurinia saxatilisIntroduced - non-native, adapted, perennial
Moon CarrotSeseli gummiferumIntroduced - non-native, adapted, perennial
English LavenderLavendula angustifoliaIntroduced - non-native, adapted